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Compostable Bin Liners

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Compostable bin liners are a new increasingly popular alternative to traditional bin liners.

he compostable bin liners are made from a starch based material suitable for commercial compost stations / heaps and over time the material will return back to its original state.

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All our compostable liners are certified compostable according to the European standard for compostable packaging; EN 13432, which is the internationally recognised standard for compostable bags in Europe. All the compostable liners are printed with the internationally recognisable Compostable Packaging logo

We are happy to quote for regular supplies of large quantities of compostable bin liners and bins. Please email us with your requirements.


Type of Compostable Bin Liner Products


Typical Uses

Compostable wheelie caddy bin liners

240 litre size, 5 per roll.

For use in wheelie bins for clean and hygienic disposal of waste.

Compostable caddy bin liners 6 litre size 50 per rolll. 8 litre size, 30 bags per roll and 10 litre size 25 per roll.

For use in kitchen caddy bins for clean and hygienic disposal of kitchen waste

Compostable pedal bin liners 25 litre size, available 25 per rolll. For use in pedal bins for clean and hygienic disposal of kitchen waste.
Compostable industrial kitchen waste bin liners 80 litre size, available 20 per roll. For use in our industrial kitchen waste bin.
Kitchen caddy bins   Ventilated kitchen caddy bins are designed for use in domestic kitchens with the 8 litre compostable bin liner.
Industrial kitchen bins   Industrial kitchen caddy bins designed for use in catering kitchens with the 80 litre compostable bin liner.